Thursday, 2 January 2014

A Cakey Concoction

Its cold outside and there's nothing better than just lying in bed with a slice of cake.  Being lazy myself I've called it a 'cakey concoction' - cheats method because it's as easy as pie!  It's a cheat primarily because its made from a pre-made flan case I picked up at the grocery store and random ingredients I had at home.

So aside from the cakey 'flan case' at the bottom, the second layer is a semolina mixture made with simple milk and semolina heated in a small saucepan with sugar to taste. The last layer is of course a dowsing of cream with the obligatory sprinkle of pomegranates and crushed chocolate covered peanuts. Of course you can replace the layers with your own variations like a chocolate or caramel layer instead of the semolina.

As you can see all homework was shoved to the side for the duration of consuming this delicious concoction. ;)

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