Saturday, 4 April 2015

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I am undeniably a foodie. It goes without saying that I eat as a hobby, and I am either cooking, baking or pinning food inspo on Pinterest in my spare time. In a bid to get healthy I've been recently looking more and more into the vegan lifestyle. Not so much as a lifestyle change completely ( because this girl can't give up a mean beef burger) but as a way of getting healthy and happy without compromising taste. I'm all for supporting Vegan beliefs on the weekdays but I also believe in a balance and that balance for me comes in the form of trying everything in moderation. Ramble over.

A few of my favourite vegan recipes consist of colourful and vibrant quinoa salads, they look jam-packed with flavour and taste- not at all bland looking despite the lack of meat. They're versatile and can be changed up to suit your mood or whatever is in your fridge. Like the ones pictured above (top far left and right) one is made with kidney beans and the other with green beans and all sorts. I haven't yet picked up a pack of quinoa but when I do I'll be packing it up for lunch at uni every day!

More recipes I've recently pinned come in the form of vegan shepherd pie, pizza and an Asian-inspired noodle salad. Personally the shepherds pie screams all sorts of yummyness and to be honest I like how I don't need to spend extra money on mince or chicken to make a delicious dinner ( #studentmoneyproblems). The pizza is already one I know I will love because I'm not much of a cheese lover to begin with. Parmesan I can handle but cheddar and anything with a slight whiff makes me feel a bit uneasy. The sundried toms and flat base is enough to make me drool any day of the week.

I like to think I'm a savoury gal but when those sweet tooth cravings kick in I imagine those cookie dough balls will hit all the right spots. They're made with all sorts of healthy goodness and by the look of them they don't look like they'd taste as healthy as they are!- Totally can't be said for those Nutella brownies but we can all have a cheat day sometime ;)

What foods hit your right buttons?

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