Tuesday, 7 April 2015

'Natural Collection' collection

Natural collection is one of those brands that I love. They have affordable makeup in all sorts of colours and formula's so I'm always browsing the stands for any colours I don't already have in my collection.

Out of my NC collection trio I have two lipsticks and a blusher all going with my love for dusky pinks and nudes. I have the shades 'biscuit' - a brown toned pink perfect for that Kylie Jenner trend, and 'pink mallow'- a cool toned pink. Both lipsticks are part of their moisture shine formula which is a non-drying finish that I love. It's not matte but not super glossy either so it's the best of both worlds I guess. For swatches of the lipsticks keep an eye out on my instagram @whatididonwednesday as I'll be posting a snap on their when this post is up.

The blush is in the shade 'pink cloud' which I love. It's a really natural blush and it feels like I'm sweeping a mineral powder on my cheeks. It's light and not too badly pigmented- it's buildable and doesn't throw on too much pink on the first swipe which is perfect for blush-phobes like me.

I'm planning on looking at some of the NC lipliner offerings - my new found obsession with lipliners continue. Leave you natural collection recommendations below, and let me know if you've had success stories with the brand.

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