Thursday, 16 April 2015

April wishlist

April is amongst us and we're already half-way through. The exam season depression will definitely be making lots of purchases to recover! This months wishlist has a mixture of 'wants' that I'm lusting over.

Boots' answer to the Victorias Secret sprays. For a mere £3 I think I'll be picking one up sometime when I'm feeling spendy because I can't justify spending £8 or so on the VS equivalent even if its on a 5 for £30 deal!

Revlon black cherry is something I've probably already wishlisted and never bought! I love it so much but never bite the bullet and buy it because of my bold lip fear! For £7-49 I don't think it's too bad but recently I've realised that Sleek's Vamp is an almost identical dupe for £4.99- hmmm... now I'm unsure on what to get :(

On the decor front, The Range are selling acrylic storage for £7.99 the last time I checked, which is a fraction of the Muji equivalent. I'm holding back from buying it for now until I move into my new room. Fingers crossed it's still in stock when I want to buy them!

Yoga is something I've been wanting to try for ages but the commitment phobe in me hasn't been able to get into it just yet. Maybe once my exams are over I'll get myself a summer hobby and get fit in time for Summer wedding seasons.

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