Monday, 13 April 2015

'not-black' eyeliners

After years of donning a black winged liner, I was in the market for something a little softer on my eyes. Having dark brown eyes like 57% or so other people in the world I wanted something to make them pop. Don't get me wrong I love my eyes, but the almost blackish tone of them does get boring from time to time. With that in mind I began buying 'non-black' eyeliner- funnily enough back in the days of my first eyeliner (which I still have!) it was brown not even black!

I have a steadily growing collection of eyeliners now that I reach for more than my black liquid ones, just because I feel like it gives a more casual look on me. The first of my 5 is a nude eyeliner from Rimmel, and as you'll see Rimmel makes up the majority of this collection! I love the nude for the waterline and inner corner to wake me up and open up my already Bambi sized eyes. Downside for me is that I feel like it fades after a few hours, possible because of my overly watery eye syndrome, but hey it looks good initially!

Second in the line up is my newest purchase, a copper toned Rimmel 'smoke n' shine'- the creamy texture is really unique, its a twist up pencil but described as an 'automatic gel eyeliner' on the packaging, which is definitely the case. The swatch does not do it justice, in reality the copper is rich as creamy and picks up the light beautifully. sticking to the brown theme (last swatch) is another Rimmel contender, and 'exaggerate kohl' in rich brown. It's a more chocolate brown that can be built to a deeper shade. The smudging tool and sharpener on the end is a bonus too!

lastly on the navy front I have a liquid liner from Eyeko, which I LOVE! The packaging has seen better days, but that just shows how much I've reached for it over my black liners. It's a felt liner so it's great for flick-a-phobes like me that can't get a flick right to save my life! As an alternative (I forgot to swatch!) I have another Rimmel soft kohl in Denim Blue- which honestly isn't as pigmented on the lids as I'd like but nonetheless a shade that makes my eyes stand out nicely.

Now that I've been bitten my the coloured liner bug I can't stop! I've decided to use my shadows with a liner brush to achieve the same lined look without spending on new eyeliner pencils- the results with shadows are just as beautiful but more smoked out. The next colours on my list are olive green and purple! Who is else is on the coloured liner bandwagon?

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