Sunday, 22 February 2015

sickness survival kit

 Sick season is in and I've been ill for the past two weeks. It's finally pulling through so I thought I'd share my essentials for staying sane this Winter with all the weather changes taking place.

Olbas Oil is a must for stuffy noses. It's a step up from the usual Vicks formula with a more stronger scent to keep the mucus at bay and those nostrils clear. Even though both Vicks and OO couldn't stop my blocked nose it did help to decongest at times and help me breathe at night.

In relation to that, having a blocked nose takes the life out of your lips because its the only opening your using to breathe all day and night. For that I literally dug a hole into my Vaseline intensive care lip balm. There are probably better, more hydrating ones out there but for the time being I was happy with whatever I had lying around at home. For those extra flakey chapped lips I think a lip scrub will be awesome at making those flakes disappear whilst making you feel slightly pampered rather poopy during your ill period.

For those cba moments when you don't want to leave the comfort of your bed to get dressed I suggest rolling on some deodorant- my fave being the Mitcham offering ( smells so fresh ) and rolling on some Simple eye treatment to wake up those red puffy eyes. I don't know about you but when I'm ill I also get really dry skin so I make sure I'm topped up with water and a hydrating moisturiser.

Some extras I always carry are soft tissues ( Kleenex preferably) because harsh tissues wear away the nose skin and from my experience makes the sides of the nose more red ( even bleed ), so I learnt my lesson and only stick to the good stuff! Mints and chewing gum ( Airways or Extra ) are good at relieving a bad tickling throat whilst decongesting the nose too- I made sure I was always carrying one pack around for when the tickle was getting too much last week. Slippers and a comfy dressing gown are staples I don't even need to mention because when you're ill Pj's are acceptable all day.

What are you sickness survival essentials?

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