Monday, 24 November 2014

the 'not-burgundy' nail polish for autumn

When autumn comes around every year so does burgundy! As much as I love that maroon-y plum shade it sometimes is nice to see something other than red because I honestly feel like that's literally all I see. From clothes to makeup and nails it's become an ongoing trend that never fades.

Green is good right? No one really LOVES the idea of green tips, I wonder why? ( Says the girl who never wears nail polish!) When I saw this OPI shade in the shop I was drawn into buying it. It's such a beautiful tone of green and the shimmer works beautifully with it too in a way that isn't overbearing on the nails.

If it's gonna be one to break the burgundy trend it has to will be this. What are your thoughts on 'Shatter the scales' by OPI, is it a fall contender?


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