Sunday, 9 November 2014

lazy sundays #20

leaf-lined floors• make-up revolution haul• chicken steak cravings• Long journeys alone• Zoe on Dare
It's that time of the week where I round up the escapades from the past seven days into five collective pictures.

Leaf-lined floors•  I do love autumn! The multi coloured leaves that carpet the grounds just makes it bearable to walk out in the colder mornings. Having to go to university 4x a week is just made less gruelling with the beauty of the campus and the moss-lined lakes that surround the scenery. Have I sold Autumn yet?

Make-up revolution haulI've been cheeky and splurged on MR products. After the hype that been surrounding them how could I have not? If you read my November wishlist then you might be able to spot one thing I've checked off that list! I'm so excited to use it properly in all its glory.

Chicken steak cravings•  An impromptu visit to Sahara Grill last month saw me dig into this spicy chicken steak, and honestly I've been craving it all this week! I haven't really done any restaurant reviews ( except yesterdays obvious one ) on my blog but I have two places that I'm dying to talk about. Let me know if that's something you're interested in because I have a lot to recommend.

Long journeys aloneOn the subject of University, it takes me an hour and a half every day to get to my campus. It's a fairly really long commute that drains the life out of me! Honestly doesn't help that I get dizzy when attempting to read a book or newspaper because I end up having to stare into a black tunnel to keep me entertained. ( Not gonna lie though, I've been front row for some hilarious situations on the train which has made the time fly by! )

Zoe on DareBack to when I placed the Make-up revolution order I received the Dare mag as an extra ( free from Superdrugs anyway ). I knew Zoe was going to be on it so I was so excited to read her interview and have a nosy at the products she was talking about. It's a good issue regardless of the cover model if you want to have an early start at gift shopping because there are lots of ideas to sink your teeth into!

So that rounds up last weeks frolicking, how was your week? 

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