Monday, 10 November 2014

eBay Brush Set Review

I've been slowly collecting a stealthy amount of brushes over the past few months, and apart from my previous bargain brushes ( click here to view the post ) I pretty much only use this set and my real techniques face brushes.

I'm not gonna lie here, the price kinda sucked me into buying these brushes ( click here to buy ). And although the delivery took a fair few weeks I was willing to wait that extra delivery time to get my hands on a bargain ( #studentproblems ).

The brushes themselves are really soft. 15 in total so you get a variety of shapes and sizes in the set, which is perfect for anyone who is wanting to try out eye brushes before investing into the likes of MAC or other high end brushes. Out of the whole set you also get three double ended travel brushes which I've taken on my weekends away and totally loved. Considering the price I'm not that fussed with the purple tinted metal on the brushes, although when I purchased them I had no idea they were purple! Saying that, they're totally unique and look really cute in my brush holder.

I haven't trialled every single brush just yet but from the ones I have used I've been totally impressed at how sturdy they are. Plus I haven't yet had any fall out from the brushes so that's a point I'm happy about.

Have you tried any cheap brush sets? How did you get on with them?

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