Wednesday, 12 November 2014

creating your own gallery wall

Image taken from Pintrest- Orginal source unknown

Gallery walls are the new 'it' home trend that has erupted this year with ample inspiration flooding Pinterest and home magazines everywhere. It's a way to add colour to plain walls without wallpapering a whole feature wall, because lets face it feature walls are so 2010. This brings a new meaning to feature wall, in a cost effective and trendy way to add personality to any space.

The idea is pretty simple. Taking any pictures, quotes and prints that tickle your fancy, place them into frames and hang them in a arty farty way. It really has no boundaries where your gallery wall juices take you. You can even ditch the over-priced frames and go for cheap yet cheerful frames from the local pound stores or better still, print your desired images onto sturdy photo paper and cut precisely to go for a minimalist feel.

Click here for my Pintrest board of possible prints/quotes/images to inspire any gallery wall enthusiast like myself. And stay tuned on Instagram for my take on a gallery wall!

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