Thursday, 13 November 2014

beauty swap with DayinthelifeofNajmin

Last month I got in contact with my babe over at DayinthelifeofNajmin for a little beauty swap. We budgeted £20 for a drugstore type of swap and in a way it was a bit like doing the £20 makeup challenge at the same time! I had so much fun picking out things for the swap it was like a big beauty shopping trip, which can't go wrong in my opinion! Before I begin with the breakdown of what I received a big thank you to you Naj, I love everything you picked up for me *blows virtual kisses.*

Collection Work the colour palette- Love, love, love this! I own a lot of shimmer shades but this has the perfect matte set of colours along side the shimmers for adding into the crease for definition and applying on the lids for an everyday look. Swatches will be up for everything soon so keep an eye out!

Natural collection lipstick and blush- Both the colours are shades I'd go for so she did well there. The blush is out of my comfort zone just because I never wear blush ( #fatfaceproblems). But I am up for anything and this colour looks as if it'll blend in oh so naturally.

The midnight blue things- Barry M nail paint and Rimmel scandeleyes eyeliner. Recently I've been going for navy eyeliner over black as blue accentuates brown eyes. So when Najmin got me another liner for my collection I was chuffed. The nail paint is really out of my comfort zone of nude nails but Barry M is by far my favourite nail polish in the drugstore so I'm sure a nail tutorial will be featuring this some day soon!

Luxe cream by MUA- I adore the packaging on this so high-end with the frosted glass case. The colour is deceiving though which was a shame- more on this in my in depth review though.

Lastly, Simple kind to skin toner. I've seen Najmin rave about this on her blog and in real life so I was not surprised she got me a slice of the action! I've been using it recently and I have to agree with her opinion, it's so soothing! Definitely a new cult product for my collection.

Thank you Najmin for the beauty bits, click the link to check out her blogpost on the things I bought her and send her some love while your there!

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