Sunday, 27 July 2014

Lazy Sundays #15

• New Rings • Toasties! •Cook Book hoarder • New blog loves •Mango juice obsessed

It's that time of the week where I round up the escapades from the past seven days into five collective pictures.

New Rings I snapped a few new rings in the River Island sale this week and within the pack came a cute set of triangle midi rings in gold silver and rose gold ( my personal fave)

 Toasties! I've been out of ideas on what to cook lately ( a bit of a hint to the next heading ). Toasties or in simple terms - a toasted sandwich, is something I can throw together in a matter of minutes,by throwing in everything that tickles my fancy. I quite like the combination of grilled chicken and salad in between the carb walls of bread- Nothing beats a good sandwich!

Cook Book hoarder So back to the 'having nothing to cook' phase of my week, I decided to dust a few old cook books. Together with a my own empty recipe book I've been inspired to fill it with my go-to recipes for times where I don't have access to the internet to browse the same recipe. I think in the future it''ll be even nicer to share my recipe book with my children, and I plan to fill it will my mums recipes too.

New blog loves WishWishWish is like my new girl crush and blogging inspiration. She has the most awesome images and tales to match her outfit choices - truly a babe!

Mango juice obsessed If anyone knows me they know I have an unhealthy, I repeat UNHEALTHY ( those juices have insane amounts of sugar!) obsession with Rubicon mango juice, it's my guilty pleasure. I gulp down a glass in seconds and my mum has placed a ban on stocking the juice in our house, reserving only on 'special occasion' basis.

So that was my week in pictures. What was your highlight of the week?

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