Monday, 28 July 2014

Eyeko Felt Eyeliner in Navy

Eyeko, as the name suggests, have always been on top form with their eye makeup offerings in my opinion, but its not till now that I've managed to give the eyeliner a whirl. 

It definitely didn't disappoint me in performance or lasting power at all. The colour is a subtle navy which I love as it doesn't go by the typical black liner that everybody rocks, rather it's a change that would suit the summery weather, or all year round as sometimes you don't want to be going too bold with the black eyes.

Considering I'm a newbie to the pen liner trend I was so surprised as to how I've been doing cat flicks without the convenience of a pen shape tool. The nib is firm and doesn't move about when applying the flick, it stays strong which I like as it allows me to get a straight and smooth finish without smudges or jagged edges. The fine tip is also nice as it gets right into the corners or the eyes, or would work for those days that you just want to line the lashes without the bold cat eyes.

With the lasting power I mentioned before it literally does not budge. So much so it took me a solid eye makeup remover it take the swatch off my hand- wipes and hand wash did not do a thing!

One bad thing, if that, to mention is the application. It takes getting used to as you need to place the full tip on the eye to get the bulk of the pigment from the base of the nib through to the top ( sorry if that doesn't make any sense! ) But in simple terms- the actual product needs a bit of working with to get it distributed through to the top of the applicator.

Overall as felt liners go I think it's definitely a good winner when it comes to colour pay-off, lasting power and the effect it gives to the eyes. I've heard drugstore felt liners are often flimsy and the nibs are a bit of a wobbly unworkable mess, so to have a strong nib that provides a smooth flick is pretty good. I've since picked up the black eyeko liner and the colour is absolutely insane- literally jet black!

If you'd like to see swatches of the black liner let me know. If you've experienced a good felt liner let me know your recommendations.


  1. I've never gone for navy liner before - but I am such a fan of the black Eyeko!!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  2. me too! Navy is so subtle though I think its my new summer staple. The black is so good too!


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