Monday, 14 July 2014

Basic Oreo milkshake | Recipe

Summer in my eyes is the perfect season to whip up these delicious Oreo Shakes. With 4/5 simple ingredients it literally tastes divine and up to par with the standards of any shop bought equivalent!

- Oreo ( original, double stuffed or chocolate- each give a slightly different taste )
- Milk
- Ice cream ( Plain vanilla or again altering flavours like choosing chocolate will give a more rich taste )
- Squirty / Spray Cream
- Chocolate sprinkles or peanuts to adorn

The method-
Literally this is the most fun and quickest part to the process. Take everything, meaning the oreos, milk and ice cream and blitz into a blender until smooth. 

Depending on how many cups/portions of milk shake you're planning to make increase the amount of ingredients put into the blender. So for 4 glasses ( like the one pictured ) I used half a packet of Oreos ( typically 5 + 1 for crumbling on top ), a generous glug of milk (probably a pint), and then two huge dollops of ice cream.

Adorn with the cream and crumble Oreo or add chocolate shavings for a snazzy addition. Peanuts look good but I soon realised that without a large straw they tend to get stuck in the bottom of the glass.

And Voila! As you can see a band of frothy Oreo forms beneath the cream which in my opinion is the best part. If you have a go at this 'recipe' @ me on Instagram with the #shakeswithtas :P

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