Friday, 6 June 2014

The Want List #2

I promised another want list and here it is. If you missed instalment one then click here for a peek at my top five things to buy this season. This list is more of a mismatch, a bit of home ware, fashion and beauty that I've wanted for the longest time ever!

YSL lipstick// Doesn't it look dreamy! I've always wanted a YSL product and more so now that I'm getting into makeup and beauty more. If raves aren't enough to enable me then the colour and creamy texture definitely will, I'm eyeing up a few shades for my birthday and I think I'm going to start a little piggy bank aptly named 'YSL fund' to start the saving. I could probably pay for one now but I think saving is more fun, I've always wanted to smash a bank open and count up the coins!

Biscuit cushions// How genius was the inventor of these cushions? How cute! I love the Jamie dodger and cream biscuit combo, my idea of an ideal pillow for my bedroom. The price point however is a bit silly, hence the reason why I've waited too long to buy one. I think a DIY is in order so I'll be playing around with a few idea and report back to you with my results.

Tan Chunky heel // Everyone loves a good chunky heel, and rightly so. They're comfy and gorgeous to look at. These ones are from New Look and a nice summer time outfit addition to create a bit of casual glam. I love New Look shoes, they're by far my longest lasting and comfortable shoes so no doubt about having feet aches and breaking in shoes with these babys.

Real Techniques Brushes// I've always been a fan of Pixiwoo on youtube. They've taught me everything I currently know about makeup and I love their sisterly bond, makes me pretty jealous, I'm not gonna lie. Their brushes are universally used by celebs and ladies of every race and that makes me trust that they'll be good. The Stippling brush is the top one on my wishlist but I also like the setting brush because it looks like a nice shape and size for contour. If you have any of these brushes how did you find them?

So that finally finishes all the things I've been eyeing up this past month. If you've been wanting something similar to me then let me know in the comments and we can be excited together!

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