Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Argan Oil Hair Mask// First impressions

I've only gone and chopped my locks off! I know, I know, everyone from celebs, nannies and babies to random neighbours and dogs ( i think you got the point there ;) ) have all gone for a Summer chop but sometimes change is good. My hair feels much more healthier and to put into perspective I've gone from hair up to my butt crack, as I liked to describe it, to just below my shoulders. It's a nice change and I don't miss the Rapunzel locks as much as my friends do!

So onto the first impression. The 'Argan oil' range brand itself has been roaming the more discount '£' shops and market stalls for quite some time. It's really affordable so I never picked it up fearing that it wouldn't work. I only gave in to the purchase when my mum suggested it, so mother I will either thank you or not, later.

On first impressions the smell is divine! I don't know if all argon oil products smell like this in general but this certainly wins me over on scent if not results. I applied it manly to my ends and massages the remains from my palm onto the tops. It advised to rinse after 10 mins but because I wanted a deep condition I decided to keep it in almost like a leave in conditioner. So like normal I let my hair air dry and waited for the results. I was so excited I kept touching my hair hoping for a miracle.

To be honest I'm not sure it was meant for leave-in purposes, because it did leave a few crispy dried conditioner remnants in my hair. But saying that, once brushed through thoroughly it felt really nice and silky. My hair was pretty much softened from the mask but not fully to the extent of 'changed' hair. I found that some of my hair was still dry and damaged-looking, so it was a bit disheartening there. Maybe on a more regular basis this mask will actually produce reliable results.

I then persuited to trying it as instructed on the packaging and it was in love! I use it every time I wash my hair and the days I don't use it I can recognize a stark difference in the texture.  So perhaps a lesson for me next time is to actually use as the prodcuct is intended!

Overall I think for a 'first impression' it did 7/10, the smell and result of most my hair was really nice but it didn't leave my hair consistently conditioned as I would've hoped. For £1 can I really complain? (I found rubbing coconut oil into the drier areas smoothed that problem over.) So do you think you'll try this mask out?

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