Sunday, 22 June 2014

Lazy Sundays #11

• Lychee Lovin' • In touch with Mama Nature • Body Butter rediscovery • Easter weekend fun • Blue blue skies!

It's that time of the week where I get together the weeks escapades into five collective pictures. But seen as I've not done a LS post in about 8 weeks take this as a recap of the past months rather than week.

Lychee Lovin' When it comes to doing my nails in the past month or so I am constantly drawn to the perfect nude that is Barry M Lychee. It's my absolute fave thanks to my amazing cousin who actually surprised me with it after she saw me eying it up in Superdrug. One thing about me is that I'm super indecisive- I can never make up my mind!
In touch with Mama Nature Dandilions take me back to my childhood so much so that I had to relive the moment again. Like the street rat I am I just couldnt help picking it up from the side walk ( Yes this happened!) and have a wish granted from the blow. Is it me or does it just look so beautiful flying away in the wind? 
Body Butter rediscovery One of first posts in January was a Body butter focused ramble and I sort of lost touch with them until last month when I was in need of a new moisturizer. Low and behold I was back in love and this time with a new scent- Market Peach. This is the bomb! It literally makes me smell AHH-mazing for a few hours and its like a nice smell that lingers too.
Easter weekend funEaster was a while ago I know! But since I was MIA during that period of time I thought I'd just pop a picture to recap the fun I had relaxing with my family and my uncles BBQ skills. Not to ramble too long but it was one of those eves that make you love your family and be grateful for the people you have been blessed in being related to.
Blue blue skies! Summer has come in abundance here in the UK and I must admit I'm on the fence with this years offering. I like the Summer vibe of longer days and warmer temperatures but when it reaches near 30 degrees I'm like a sweaty hot mess! I stick to my cool bedroom for the most part just to avoid sun burn which sucks! But nonetheless the skies look beautiful in its bright blue glory.

So what have you been up to?


  1. i love lychee too!

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  2. I've decided to install disqus onto my blog hope it doesn't cause too many problems and hopefully it encourages more conversations between you guys and myself ;)


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