Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Rambly Update.

So it's been too long right?  Here's the deal. Now that I've experienced the full array of posting schedules from the very beginning when I posted sporadically whenever I got the urge, to everyday and then every other day; I don't know what to get back into. For now I've decided on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Sunday sort of schedule so expect four posts a week from now on in. Of course if I get an urge to post on any other day of the week then that'll be an added bonus!

What else? Well, the list of post ideas are piling up and now that I'm out for the summer I have time to focus on being a 'full-time' blogger hopefully by investing more hours into my blog I'll have something I can be more confident in telling people about because right now I like to remain anonymous. So a redesign is coming up, almost like a relaunch of 'What I did On Wednesday', exciting stuff is on its way!

Thank you all for sticking by me for the short while I've been at this, to my bestest friend who supports me in everything I do, thank you for being my number one fan. I promise I'll get better at replying to comments and being a better host here on my blog. Once I hit 150 followers I think a giveaway will be well deserved, so if you're not following me on GFC, bloglovin or any other social media platform then please do!

I'll be back tomorrow with a review so keep your eyes peeled for that at the usual time of 9am GMT.

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