Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Coffee Table Reads

If you know me, ( you should by now ) then you'll know I have a liking for pretty interiors and decor. I've recently dipped my toes into the realms of decorative books and leaving a stack of interesting and pretty reads for people to read if they wanted to take a chill pill in my room. Plus I think it adds an element of something different, other than a vase or candle to jazz up a space.

Cook books are personally something I like flicking through wherever I am. If I saw a pristine cook book with amazing photography on the front I would definitely want to pick it up for a read. It's my fave choice for a 'coffee table read' because it isn't boring, to me at least, and satisfies your boredom for an hour or so.

I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but I sadly have to. If that's the thing that's on show in a book store I'm obviously going to be drawn to that, after all it's not the blurb on show. I think classic novels and literature is another thing that I'm drawn to. It's nice to flick through a bit of Dickens or Shakespeare, especially modern illustrated ones, they're so pretty.

Magazines are obviously the typical choice but unless you know you have girlfriends coming over I would stick away from a heap of mags because it can look 'hospital waiting room' like and nobody wants to make there space feel clinical!

If you were artistic I think putting your sketch book out is a really nice idea. Perhaps dust out that old high school sketch book you used and leave it out. Not only will it make you smile at the memories but it might also be a cool feature for guests to peep through. Photo albums are the same, minus the embarrassing pics, they're great conversation starters.

So what would make you idea 'coffee table read'?

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