Saturday, 12 April 2014

The battle of budget cleansing lotions

When it comes to budget options I'm the queen of bargains... kinda. So I was recently going through my skincare offerings and thought I'd present a comparison on my two 'cleansers'. In inverted commas because I use them as daily cleansing waters rather than makeup removers, but each to their own right?

So just to clarify I typically just pour some onto a cotton pad, both bottles have nice small spouts that are handy for pouring, and I rub across my face. I feel immense satisfaction seeing the pollution and dirt that comes off onto the cotton pad, makes me satisfied with the cleanser doing its job. 

With the Skinology tea tree cleanser it's definitley more for the oily gals seen as it deinitley is more intense. The Clean and Clear cleanser is more light and therefore is good for my sensitive skin. I've previosly bought the one targetted at oily skin, and it was too strong, definitley made my skin drier and saw, but that was my mistake for not reading the bottle!

With the Skinology I find that it doesn't really remove blackheads, but as a cleanser it is mediocre, nothing on the likes of Bioderma but a nice budget. The tea tree element gives me hope that it will prevent my spots, but I haven't relied on it really.

Overall I think I prefer my Clean and Clear option for the fact that it can be used on my skin all year round, whereas I have to wait till my oilier skin for the Skinology offering. Both of them work as cleansers to clean my skin but on the makeup front I don't think they'd work as well as a true makeup remover would. Both are available for under £4 so it's a nice cheap testing product to get your hands on.

Have you tried any of these cleansing lotions? How did you get on with them?

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