Friday, 21 March 2014

Shop the trend// Slogan Tee's

Ever since my eyes locked sights with the 'made in 90's' tee I've been dying to get my hands on it. I know I'm hardly a 90's kid seen as the 2000's came soon into my toddler years but it's still something I have pride over.

Anyhoo, I scoured the likes of eBay for this dire situation, hence the pictures above are taken from there. I typed in the usual random mismatch of words into the search bar and down came a whole heap of slogan t-shirts, I was in awe! My favourite ones are by far the quirky ones that hint your personality through the lettering or quote. I love the French style quotes because they look so chic and expensive, when they probably aren't. Knowing eBay the prices don't escalate too far on t-shirts like this so we can all rejoice in the #moneysaviness of it.

Below I have a list from my Shopcade page, just somewhere where it save you the trouble of finding the exact t-shirts I've pictured above. If you like the sound of these 'shop the post' type widgets then let me know so I can continue inserting them into my posts.

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