Thursday, 20 March 2014

MUA lipstick

So we've all seen MUA lingering in their stall inside Superdrugs but I was always sceptical with its prices as to how good the products will actually be. For a budget buy you can't get more budget frinedlt than MUA prices because their cheap as chips, literally.

I've been road testing the shade 7 for a while now and for £1 I can't really give it any valid critique because for that price you can't exactly expect Chanel quality. It's not the best lipstick, pretty drying actually but that's the deal with most lipsticks anyway. The colour is a nice dark pink with an undertone of blue with a shimmer in it that isn't too garish. It's a nice daytime colour when placed in a sheer coat over the lips but can be built up to the darkest pink shown in the swatch. The packaging isn't too bad considering its price point, it does the job and isn't a total eyesore. One thing to note is that it doesn't last all day, half way through the day you'll realise half the lipstick has disappeared, and needs topping up after eating and drinking.

The other colours in the range aren't to my liking as such although they would work well with someone of an alternative skin tone to mine. Recently I've also seen a matte collection of affordable MUA lipsticks that boast some gorgeous colours that rival the likes of Rimmel in the drugstore front, so I feel a budget friendly makeup haul coming up soon for #moneysavymarch.

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