Sunday, 2 March 2014

Guide to Being A Penny Pinching Pro

Now... since it's #moneysavymarch I can't have any slackers on board the savers train, I need to whip you into shape so you aren't a victim to the money crunching times we live in. So here are some tips I use to stick to a budget and be successful at saving my dosh.

The survival guide- consisting of notebooks, coin purses and tote are all essentials that need to be in your bags. Why? you may ask. Well here's the lowdown.

Notebooks- Mini notebooks are the godmothers of financial organisation and saviour. Before heading out on shopping trips make a list and set a budget. You don't have to necessarily write it down, just keep a mental note not to exceed that limit because it can lead to consequences and leave you in a bit of a money meltdown. If you're on a shopping trip stick to the things you need to save money and likewise with clothes shopping know your limits. Take cash amounts of the estimated spending allowance rather than relying on the cards to pull you through. That way when you see you physical cash flow running low you'll know when to start pulling the reigns.

Coin Purses- What's more worse, rummaging your bags in search for change or whipping out that credit card to save the embarrassment? Well hopefully you chose the latter because there's nothing funny about falling into debt. Change is a great way of using up the annoying jingling pieces of metal at the bottom of your bag. Market stalls especially love a bit of change so head over there for bargains on food, clothes and anything else you can find.

The tote- Foldable bags are everywhere and can be cheaply sourced at any store for a small fee. Carrying a bag like this helps to save costs on those plastic bags that companies are beginning to charge for. Although they may only cost a penny or two these things add up and can be annoyingly hurtful to a saver.

Search for bargains- With the world of the Internet checking online for deals before heading out saves on travel and other unsighted expenses. You can catch a bargain or two on Amazon or eBay so don't be afraid to get your sale sights on. Haggling is another trait we need to adopt. Market stall owners want a sale at the end of the day at whatever cost so don't be afraid to bargain with  them- it's the name of the game.

Okay. Now that you've had a heads up on the rules and regulations, lets go over a few things. Before you head out of the door to go catch the first purchase of the day answer this list of questions

Is it needed?
Is it worth it?
Will I get my moneys worth out of it?

If the answer is yes to all of the above then you are free to head out the door. If not then re-evaluate the purchase in question and find something that is equally useful at a cheaper price.

Now... that should help you all survive the coming month. just remember to utilise those notebooks and by the end of #moneysavymarch we shall all be thrifting queens.

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