Sunday, 23 February 2014

Lazy Sundays #2

Face masks and fruit • the quirky tee • a pendant • Sunset travels• Room rearrangements•

This weeks escapades have been chilled. With half term in tow, revision is the only thing I've been committed to with the odd signs of procrastination and trips out.

Face masks and fruitGuests in the form of my baby sister came over for a night of fun and gossip. We were planning face masks and shakes but ended up with pasta and a movie night in bed. I was planing a budget pamper night in post so I shall have that up next month some time.

The quirky teeIf you've had a glance at my Day in the life post you would have seen this cute t-shirt I spotted in 'Next'. I don't think I'd ever buy it but it's such a cute idea. I think I might recreate this in the form of a typographic frame for my bedroom, DIY will probably follow if I get to it.

A PendantMy guest came baring belated gifts for my birthday and it was so nice to catch up with her. The big sis necklace is the most thoughtful gift I could've received I was so touched. She obviously was my choice for the 'lil sis' half of the necklace. I haven't got a friendship necklace or any sort like that so it's nice to have this piece of metal that links us together in a materialistic form (obviously we'll be sisters forever).

Sunset travelsThe days have gotten longer but I still don't find enough daylight hours to make a day out of trips with my friends! Annoying how night hits and we all have to be back. Sitting on a crowded bus has its perks in some ways. I was able to watch the sun go down whilst I stared out the window which was quiet beautiful and nice.

Room rearrangementsI love this Jemima duck money bank my mother got me when I was little. It's just right for the vibe I want to create in my room with its vintage pastel-y ceramic look. Since I haven't completed my Room edit series I think I should come back with a budget room decor post for my 'Money Savy March series' Let me know if that's something you'd like to see

So that wraps up this weeks roundup. See you next week with a hopefully more interesting Lazy Sunday. 

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