Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Mini jewellery Haul

So I popped into a few stores recently and got a few jewellery bits consisting of a gorgeous bracelet and a few midi rings.

The Rings- A Primark bargain I didn't hesitate to grab! I love midi rings as my ring post (click here) would have suggested and I already have a few others already from Primark that I adore. They came in a set of three and I actually bought the whole set just for the floral wrap ring on the left because it didn't look as cheap as I was buying the whole set for. I haven't seen a midi ring like it and I knew if I wore it out one day nobody would assume it was a Primani purchase.

The Bracelet- *Drools* How gorgeous is it? I mean River Island did good right? It's such a statement wow piece and I can't wait to have an occasion to showcase it at. I love the rose design ( you can tell I have a thing for floral jewellery ) and the classic silver metal although I think rose gold would've looked amazing. It looks pretty big but once worn it gives the allusion of a wrap cuff around the wrists and automatically makes it look ten times its price. I'm already picturing an outfit, perhaps a prom piece of jewellery!

Have you been on a jewellery loving spree like me? I like to build my collection up slowly but surely because it doesn't make me think about how much money I'm spending. LOL ;)

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