Thursday, 23 January 2014

Instagram Takeover

Instagram is by far my favourite app on my phone. I'm constantly refreshing my feed for numerous pictures to pop up because I love being nosey and admiring the carefully placed lipsticks in beauty blogger's photos, contrasting to the gracefully slobbery burgers that make me to drool in envy.

I kinda want to jump onto the bandwagon too, although less glamorously than I imagine it to come out. I've been on a journey throughout 2013 and looking back at my year in Instagram pictures is a nice trip down memory lane and it darn well puts a smile on my face whilst doing so.

For those who don't know, Instagram is a place to post whatever you want, wherever you are, and whatever you eat- without the guilt of being overly annoying with your pic choices. It's a community to be inspired and inspire with your own life captured in a little square. My favourite part is that I can channel my photography dreams and be my own professional!

The hashtags on Instagram are forever making me giggle with the sheer humour of them. My favourite has to be without a doubt #TBT (throwback Thursday for all you non-instagram users). So I'd like to continue the #TBT with a weekly round up of my Instagram pictures and snaps of what I was up to throughout the week.

Are you an Insta lover like me?

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