Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Always a tourist~ Day in the life #8

 There's never a bad time to put on your tourist hats on in your own home town and take a good old wonder around. It's amazing to think I've lived in London my whole life but never seen parts of it before. With friend in tow we made it a mission to walk around Covent Garden which led to a mini walking marathon of several other landmarks- Soho, leicester Square, Oxford Street, Chinatown, Regents Street, Knightsbridge and a few more back in time for tea! Even we surprised ourselves with our agility; although my feet did feel pretty sore afterwards I loved the little day out- even sold the 'experience' to my cousin as a little day out for her birthday next month! Hah I should be a tour guide no?

PS- lets just say the bad quality phone images add to the authentic tourist feel, hah!

Although I didn't buy much I loved window shopping in stores I've only dreamt about visiting. Anthropology was a Pinterest lovers haven and I felt like I could be in there all day. Hamley's was another attraction my friend and I loved despite the odd looks from people in there- 19 year olds can enjoy huge toys okay! Hah, nonetheless it was a lovely day and I would do it again, with the addition of a few more stores to visit on the list- if my feet can handle it...

Have you taken a walking tour of London before? How was your experience?

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