Sunday, 8 March 2015

Accessorize Haul

So I went a bit Accessorize crazy on the website with their outlet section! Luckily for me it wasn't too bad on my bank balance and has now given me a collection of jewellery that isn't something I've had since I was 10.

THE RINGS- the first ring is a really beautiful pink and grey floral design on gold hardware. It's really pretty how it catches the light and glistens- definitely a statement piece I'm saving to debut at my cousins wedding. The second set is equally gorgeous and has a few more everyday wearable bands. The black and gold makes it a timeless set to stack whenever you want to, and my mum has already called dibs on the thin battered metal ring for her thumb, so it will undoubtedly get full use.

THE NECKLACE- A really pretty dark grey and gold statement piece that doesn't look too OTT. It is light weight and not too short. It sits in a nice position on the neck and makes any outfit look thrown together in a nice way.

THE BRACELET- I purchased this as a gift because I know how much my friend like delicate jewellery and subtle pieces over the large statement ones. The bracelet is gorgeous, and you can tell by looking at it the quality of how it's been made.

Accessorize never fails with having glam pieces. I've recently got a gift voucher to spend there so give me your suggestions as to what I should get- possibly a clutch?

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