Friday, 7 November 2014

The one where i devour a Loaded Burger

When a new burger joint, Loaded opened up fairly nearby I knew I had to have a taste of the action. It caters for my dietary needs which most burger places don't do so I was over the moon and decided to make a day of it for my best friends birthday.

When we arrived ( I like setting a story, hah!), I was in love with the retro decor and seating. We sat on sofas covered in a sea of vintage denim jeans! The whole vibe was so cool and matched the name of the restaurant perfectly.

I ordered their classic beef burger with a salted caramel milkshake! I'll let you admire the montage of the burger porn below. See you back on the other side!

Burger porn over. It tasted soooooo good, if not a bit filling, but that's hardly a criticism I guess. I would go again only on the basis of trying something new but as a whole once the novelty of trying a gourmet burger for the first time runs out I'm not as excited.

But as a whole it was a nice experience and worth the money we collectively paid, so I would recommend a visit to the burger joint to see what the fuss is about!


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