Friday, 27 June 2014

The Park life ~Day in the life #6

So a few weekends ago I spent the eve with my family, specifically my little cousins. Taking them to the park became a enjoyed hour out rather than a chore. I actually loved the time outside playing tennis and having a good old swing in the play area, not to mention a cheeky go down the children's huge slide- much to the odd stares from parents.

It was a social time between us all seen as we're always on our phones hardly getting face to face contact on a regular basis. And what's more is that it actually took me back to the good old days where I used to run down to the park after breakfast every time I went to my Nan's house to stay over. And with the good string of weather that's been showing recently I definitely like to visit more of natural park like settings often, it's just so calming.

So how have you all been spending this nice weather?

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