Tuesday, 10 June 2014

5 Weird Things I Own

Now... I don't really know inspiration for this post popped up from but I was sitting in my room and thought, Boy, I have a load of weird things in my room. I thought I'd share them with you so we can all be weird hoarders together. A problem shared is a problem halved after all!

Oriental Address book// Honestly Mum, who uses address books anymore? It sits tidily on my bookshelf and never gets a use, but I must admit the images and illustrations run throughout the A-Z of contact pages and looks quite nice. Needless to say I won't be using it so it might undetectably make its way back to my Mother, Sorry!

Lucky Cork// Yes, I have a lucky cork from the time I opened my first bottle of non-alcoholic pink champagne. The taste was questionable but having the honor to open it made me a bit too excited.

A Five Pound Note Eraser// How weird? It's the most bizarre thing I came across but sadly nobody mistakes it for the real thing! I don't know where I got it from, must've been a random tourist-y shop because I doubt real shops will sell something as weird as that. My brothers seem to find it cool, what do you think?

Callus Reducing Cream// Yuck, I know! It's just weird how I still have this in my bedroom when people come in. They must be thinking, 'what a weirdo to be displaying the foot disease ointment', and on that note *slyly places cream in an unnoticeable corner*

Ninja Gingerbread cutters // I must admit this verges on the corner of totally awesome with hints of weirdness. I actually am yet to try these because although the idea is cool the actually execution falls short of happening. I'm scared the arms will merge in the oven and become a blob of burnt splat!

Believe me and way more weirder items in my room that I was too embarrassed of showing! What type of 'weird' things do you own?


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