Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Who are you following on Instagram?

There's no denying my love for Instagram ( App ). It's just my cup of tea, I can't go an hour without refreshing my feed *literally picks up phone and checks feed*. The images I get throughout my home page and inspiring, funny and just amazing, sometimes I question if a phone is capable of such quality. I must be a bit loopy because I follow almost 500 accounts on my personal account, but I don't regret it one bit! If you want a low down of my top 5 favourite people to stalk then read ahead and a little tiny plug if you don't already follow me then click here ;) ...

I love to follow bloggers, health fanatics, celebs, models and normal random people with a love for photography. On Instagram they have so much sass in their pictures, from lighting, to placement of their chips, it all looks eye (and mouth) watering! Click the links below to follow my faves...

Milkteef  has great style and a cute little pup!

Zoella -can't beat a good day-in-the-life type snap from Zoe

Living the Healthy choice - Makes healthy food look so good!

Pinkpixiedoll- Pastle and Vivienne Westwood lover. Need I say more?

Livpurvis - I love her blog and her instagram pics are just beautiful and girly.

 Who do you love on Instagram, I'd love to add more to my 500 people list!

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