Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Tippin on Tuesdays #4

This is the last instalment of tip Tuesday so make sure you click here for the full low-down of the tips I posted during April.

Keeping clothes smelling fresh - Tip #4 

Storing clothes in a dingy cupboard or draw can suck the life out of them. I try and keep the fresh washed smell for as long as I can because nobody wants to walk around smelling unpleasant. Grab a piece of fabric and put some lavender into it. Tie it up with an elastic band or hair tie then place it amongst your clothes or on a hanger within your wardrobe. That way your clothes stay smelling fresh for whenever you decide to wear it. 

The convenience of not sewing the fabric means you can replace the flower with whatever you wish regularly to update the fresh scent. Alternatively you can spray some perfume onto the fabric and place within your wardrobe but as perfumes fade pretty quickly it's not a very long lasting option.

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