Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tippin on Tuesday #2

Today's tip comes from reading other blogs and websites. It's for you gals' that suffer from hyperpigmentation and discolouration on your faces so get your notebooks out and take note because I have an awesome face mask recipe . If you missed the first instalment of this mini series then click here.

Tip #2 - The cure for uneven skin tones.
I suffer from this a lot, there isn't one part of my face that is the same colour which sucks. I came across different variations of this mask online but I found an alternative that suits me best. It's a turmeric mask so be warned for the yellow consistency of the mixture. As I've pretty much used a recipe from a blog I'll link it here for all you guys interested. I use olive oil in my mask because it's what I have to hand, but on the page I've linked they give awesome recommendations for beneficial oils you can substitute.

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