Monday, 21 April 2014

Packing away your life

It's hard to think that I'm about to pack up everything I've ever owned into boxes and bags ready to embark on a journey in a new home and new town. I'm probably over thinking it a little but I've been in my current family home since I was one and it's been seventeen years of memories and renovations that has come to its standing state. I get a little scared for the future but excited at the same time. In a couple of months I'll be off to the big wide world of University and I'm so nervous! Anxiety kicks in every time I think about it because I'm so indecisive, the more I analyse it the more I think I'm making the wrong decision. But nonetheless I guess it's the course of life, moving and changes. I don't know what the future will bring but I will make the most of it when it gets here. So for now I just want to say, moving is a big step in anyone's life. When you leave behind something you've been apart of for so long it's bound to be hard, you have to remember that it doesn't mean your going to forget. Memories are there to be remembered and there's no point being stressed over fear of the future. So look forward with positive attitude and get packing, whether metaphorically packing away your troubles or physically boxing up appliances and objects.

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