Monday, 3 March 2014

OPI Nail Polish

You may be thinking why on Earth is she featuring an OPI nail polish in #moneysavymarch? But just you wait because I have some news that will get you to your nearest stores as soon as I've said the words.

OPI is up there when it comes to high end nail polishes so they don't cut it in the bargain category, however cruising the isles of my local Poundworld, (not to be mistaken by Poundland), allowed me to see this beauty in the flesh. I of course grabbed it with all mighty force only to find there were probably about 5 more left in an alternative colour too, so all was not at loss. It's a great saving from the usual £12? to £1 is a huge saving and you would've known by the joy on my face that day.

It's my first OPI nail polish so I wanted to try it out, hence only purchasing the one colour. It's in this shatter formula so again I was skeptical because OPI seems to be a love/hate brand. After testing the polish out I think I'm indifferent on the matter. The polish seems to get gloopy seconds after touching the air so you have to apply it asap. Considering it's a shatter polish I failed to see it shatter so that was a bit disappointing too.

In concerns to the colour I love it. Its in the shade 'shatter the scales' and is a gorgeous shimmery metallic dark green that is really pretty when it hits certain lights. I think it must be the manufacturing fault that it doesn't shatter and that's why its ended up in the Pound store. But overall trying an OPI for £1 isn't bad. As far as the polish goes I think it's still a great normal polish, a gloopy one at that, but still a unique colour to my collection. But overall I think it will be one for the decorative pile.

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