Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Always a tourist~Day in the life #4

So this marks part one of my 'tourist-y' day out to Camden, London. I say 'day out' but in fact it was more of a school history lecture event that wasn't chaperoned (yay us!). 

It started off with a hopeless lost search for our venue for the days activities. It was an amazing day but I guess I missed that memo because with the early morning fog I grabbed the largest coat I could find, literally! No sooner did lunch break arrive for us to go gallivanting around the Camden area. We had a hands on experience with the pigeons of Camden, a group I'd like to know as 'the ones who spoilt lunch' because with my morbid fear of animals and my friends' lack of helping the situation it became an eventful experience, much to their humour. 

The sun shone beautifully, and knowing us Brits we all took the sun as a sign to get out all Summer gear. I even took the opportunity to treat myself to the first ice-lolly of the year, even though I quickly realised how awkward and equally unflattering it is to be sucking an ice-lolly on the train.

I saw some really beautiful parts to the town I've never seen before. Considering my aunt lives in the area I was somewhat acquainted, not to say still a tourist in the town though. Since this marks part one of my trip I'll be heading back for another lecture soon which means I can take some pictures of the park and famous 'Camden market' too. Hopefully phone thieves won't scare me away.

Are there any parts of the town you'll like me to capture? I go for an abstract collection and method of taking pictures so let me know if that floats your boat or if you'd like a more literally set of images to explain my day better.

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