Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Mayebelline Babylips

The Babylips phenomenon has swept the nation and I'm pretty late (as usual) to jump onto this bandwagon.

On first impressions basis I'm not too sure on it just yet. I love the cherry smell and the colour tint that comes off which is not too dark yet subtle, but the actual ability to sustain chapped lips is still questionable. It had a tendency on my lips to settle on the dry bits unflattering-ly so I find myself rubbing the dark red bits into the lips to rub away the dry flakes. Other than that little moan I love the packaging and branding for the Babylips. Must've done well since the whole nation is loopy for them, especially this shade 'cherry me'- it was sold out for ages in my local Suprdrugs.

I think this might be a good summer time sheer lip tint rather than being a reliable lip balm. So I'm putting this away to re-test later on. Hopefully I love it then!

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