Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Finding yourself // Lets Turn The Page

Finding who you are in a world that is constantly changing can be tough. When your always put down and demotivated it doesn't feel very easy to be yourself, but that shouldn't be the reason you give up. Finding who you are starts with being true to yourself and following your passions. So make a list of things you love and make a conscious decision to do what you like in your free time.

If you haven't got a passion for any hobbies just yet then do a bit of everything till you find the perfect match for your personality. Take classes; writing, dancing, painting, fitness or makeup can be some ideas you can consider to find a passion you want to pursue.

Don't let people tell you what you can and can't do. If you want to be a dancer then do it, don't be afraid of bullies who call you names or snide at your success because they feel threatened by your happiness.

Personally I love art and cooking as well as makeup and beauty. I'm always scared of people calling me too ugly to be into makeup or laughing at my love for lipsticks so I don't pursue the things I truly like. Recently I've made resolutions for the new year ( link to the post here ) to be less pressured by peoples opinions and more involved with the things I love. I want to get into photography, designing and baking without the anxiety that people put on me to be perfect or not good at it. Life isn't about being perfect it's about being you- and I think we all need to understand that together.

Have you got a hobby? Let me know what it is because I'd love to try

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