Saturday, 21 December 2013

Book Buddies // DIY

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter there's only one thing I'd rather do, and that's snuggle up in bed. In the warmth of my duvet there's nothing better than catching a read of my current book or a good old magazine. Rather than using a scrap piece of paper or random tissue (its been done ! ) to hold your last read page why not create a cute little bookmark featuring your favourite character.

All you need is some scissors and a picture. Have a look in old magazines, newspapers or just pop online and print off the desired image. Then just snip around and place in the location of your choice. the possibilities are endless and even if you aren't a huge bookworm like me just place it into a notebook, school diary or even textbook to make learning that extra bit more fun!

Here's some I made earlier ( I've always wanted to say that :) ) {in the first pic, above}. Look at cute Eeyore and Bambi! just makes reading and note making so adorable!

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