Saturday, 6 July 2013

Happiness and sunshine! // Lets Turn The Page

 Now happiness can be interpreted as anything and by anyone so it was hard to capture my version of happiness in one Instagram square. So I racked my brain and my resources and realised if it's one time in my life that I was most happy it was probably my childhood. Apart from the time odd negative times, the childhood era ( from birth to about 9) was seemingly trouble free ( maybe because I cant remember half of it ). I guess once you enter adolescence the hissy fits and petty fights emerge and whilst it teaches you life lessons it is one of the troublesome times of my life and you never really find a peace after that.

I miss the days my mum would plait my hair in various styles and I would wear my red gingham dress to school. It was happiness to me. seeing my little best friends and class mates lining up at the beginning of the day or eating school dinners, it was a routine I didn't feel 'the Sunday blues' for.
Anyhow...  I'm intrigued by the various different images capturing happiness, it is definitely nice to see smiles, objects, food or moments that the emotion is found in. It gives me happiness to know others are happy whether from something I was involved in or not, I wouldn't wish sadness on anyone not even my enemies and I guess if we all fixated on  making others lives miserable our lives would become a constant cycle of hatred. Instead we should forget about the haters and not be haters ourselves, because boy our lives would be a lot easier in my eyes.

What is your views on happiness? 

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