Saturday, 14 June 2014

Poundland Finds - Candle Holders

So it's hardly #moneysavymarch ( two months too late ) but I thought I'd throw out a few things I've recently picked up at the 'pound' shops, and as the picture suggests it's a more 'home' focused ramble as such. Who knew what gems could be in bargain shops, I usually don't go into pound shops often but being a student and thrift shopping addict I thought a trip was overdue. And rightly so because I left with two home pieces that will no doubt go into my new bedroom with pride of place.

The first bought from 'Poundland' was like a 'have to buy' situation, I literally couldn't believe it was sitting on the shelf for £1 - more than a bargain in my eyes. It's really pretty, a cage style tealight holder that stands on a plain pedestal. I think the colour is fitting for a shabby chic or girly room, but will also fit in a living room or general setting too. 

The second is a generic tealight holder with a heart cut out. Which is probably something you see replicated in all home decor ranges in stores, but I guess with this one it's nice that it doesn't feel cheap at all. The glass insert that comes with the holder is misty, sort of a foggy glass ( forgot the technical term ) which makes the glowing candle light more shimmery as it goes through the heart cut out. The bucket style of the candle holder gives it a unique edge and I think if you didn't want to use it for candles it would make a lovely makeup brush holder.

So those are the main decor items I've found at the discount stores on my high street, but there are tons more to pick up. I like to visit every season or month because stock is always changed and altered depending on occasions like Christmas, mothers day, etc. Candles are my next tackle to get at but for now I think I'll stick to my tealight finds.


  1. Can't believe these are from poundland! Shows that its worth popping in occasionally, these would make great gifts as well for people i know!

  2. definitely! they're always changing stock around so finding these gems can be hard but worthwhile for sure.


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