Monday, 3 February 2014

Love a good Surprise ~ Day in the life #2


Yesterday being a Sunday I didn't have much plans until my cousin randomly asked me to shopping with her. In my mind I was hoping to get homework done and a bit of tidying up but who can reject a shopping spree eh?

Anyway, with that in mind I headed out braving the cold winter winds in my Ugg boots and huge coat. Running late as usual I met with my cousin and we went around the shops buying a few bits from Primark ( of course ) and then a cruise across the Debenhams beauty hall and Superdrugs.

 A few hours had been now and I was about to head on a bus home when my cousin got a call on her mobile. I reluctantly agreed to go and meet her supposed friend who was around the corner. But low and behold around the corner was no friend of hers, but a group of my close girlies. I was shocked to say the least, although I think at that point the weather had frozen my face and I must've looked emotionless. But I was far from it. They jumped up saying surprise- a bit like them movies where the victim cries out in tears of happiness. I was a bit confused at that point. I didn't know where I was but I was excited and so happy.

We sat on our reserved table and got out buffet hats on. It was an amazing restaurant with all you can eat everything! I must've got up 5 times to get the moneys worth of the meal and it ended up being worth the gruelling stomach ache afterwards. I piled my plate up with endless food some nice and others not too tasty but hey ho I enjoyed it anyway.

I just couldn't believe how they kept it a secret! I was so grateful, it puts a few tears into my eyes knowing I have family who love me enough to go arms and lengths out to do such a thing. If you're reading this ( highly unlikely ) then thank you sososososo much, I love you all and it was amazing surprise. Next time the lunch is on me!

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